Cancer Prevention

CELA participates on the Occupational and Environmental Carcinogens Working Group of the Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition. A key focus of this group is advocacy for enhanced opportunities for community right-to-know. Collected below are publications and summary materials related to CELA's work on cancer prevention.

A lot more of CELA's research and advocacy work on toxic substances touches on issues of cancer prevention and is available in multiple collections in the Pollution and Health program area of this website.

Title:Submission to the Toronto Board of Health Re: HL 15.7 Tracking and Reducing Chemicals in Toronto: First Annual ChemTRAC Report
Resource Type:Letter
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:3
Date authored:June 22, 2012
Publication number:848
Author/s:Sarah Miller
Author Organization:CELA and TCPC
Title:Letter to the Honourable Jim Bradley re: Implementation of the May 21, 2009 report on the Ontario Drinking Water Advisory Council on the Drinking Water Standard for Tritium
Resource Type:Letter
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# of Pages:2
Date authored:April 4, 2012
Publication number:831
Author/s:Sarah Miller and Ken Bondy
Author Organization:CELA and Canadian Auto Workers-TCA Canada

Cancer prevention the way to go

February 4, 2009: Hamilton Spectator op. ed. reprint

Limiting, eliminating toxics in our environment is healthy for economy, too

Ottawa must act on cancer-causing pollutants

Occasional articles - 2008. Reprint of op. ed. published in The Toronto Star, Jan. 14, 2008

May 10 2007

Environmental pollution and breast cancer

It's Our Health: Coming to Terms With the Politics of Cancer

Intervenor: Vol 23. No 1 January - March 1998

Everyday Carcinogens - Stopping Cancer Before it Starts

Intervenor: Vol 24. No 1 January - March 1999

Children's Health Project: Update on Childhood Cancer

Intervenor: vol. 27, no. 1- 2, January - June 2002

Title:Prevention of Occupational and Environmental Cancers in Canada: A Best Practices Review and Recommendations
Executive Summary
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:17
Date authored:May 2005
Author/s:Anne Wordsworth
Author Organization:National Committee on Environmental and Occupational Exposures, a tripartite and multi stakeholder sub-committee of the Primary Prevention Action Group of the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control
Title:Recommendations to governments and institutions for action on cancer prevention in Canada
Resource Type:Presentation
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:43
Date authored:May 2005
Author/s:National Committee on Environmental and Occupational Exposures Primary Prevention Action Group
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