Energy Conservation and Renewables

CELA supports Ontario's Green Energy and Economy Act and sought strong provisions for public access to energy decision-making under this law to protect health and natural heritage values. CELA maintains that Ontario's energy future should not include nuclear power (see related collection: Nuclear Phase-out).

Working in partnership with the Pembina Institute, during 2005 CELA conducted extensive research into the means by which Ontario can achieve a sustainable, renewable energy future including an orderly phase-out of coal and nuclear technologies. (see Power for the Future - published in November, 2005 and linked below).

Jun 03 2009

There Has Never Been a Better Time Not to Buy a Reactor

Jun 03 2009

The Perfect Storm in Favour of Green Power - Backgrounder to June 3/09 Media Release

Mar 15 2007

New Pollution Data Show Need for Urgent Parliamentary Action on Air Pollutants

Mar 15 2007

Canada’s Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Highlights for 2005

Mar 15 2007

Données sur la pollution et les émissions de gaz à effet de serre les plus récentes pour l’année 2005

Mar 15 2007

De nouvelles données font ressortir l’urgence d’agir pour éliminer les polluants atmosphériques

Feb 14 2006

Power Supply Mix Public Consultation

Feb 08 2006

Four Days Inadequate for Public Review of 83 Billion Dollar Electricity Plan

Dec 16 2005

Environmentalists Applaud McGuinty Commitment to Environmental Assessment

Dec 09 2005

Supply Advice Misses the Mark
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