PollutionWatch Annual Report for Canada - 2005

Pollution in Canada is getting worse. The health of Canadians, particularly children, continues to be threatened and the bulk of the problem is air pollution. In its annual review www.pollutionwatch.org (a joint project of CELA and Environmental Defence) reports on emission trends on a national basis and in five provinces using Environment Canada's data for calendar year 2003.

Collected below are the media releases and related fact sheets for the national overview and results from five provinces.

Jul 27 2006

Canadian Facilities Lag Behind U.S. in Reducing Air Pollution

Canada should be envious of greener United States

Intervenor: Occasional Articles - 2005. Reprint of op. ed. published in the Ottawa Citizen, Oct. 20/05

Oct 12 2005

Top Ontario Air Polluters Revealed

Oct 12 2005

Fiche d’information PollutionWatch - Faits saillants de la pollution au Québec

Oct 12 2005

PollutionWatch Fact Sheet - Quebec Pollution Highlights
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