Adams Mine

Decision Upholds Citizens’ Participatory Rights under the Environmental Bill of Rights

Reprint (Ontario Bar Association - Environews - January, 2009)

Casework: Adams Mine Landfill

Intervenor: Vol 23. No 1 January - March 1998

CELA Casework Update: Thumbnail Summaries of Selected CELA Cases

Intervenor: Vol. 23 No. 2 April - June 1998

Adams Mine: what happens next?

Intervenor: Vol 25. No 3 & 4 July-December 2000


Title:Full Text of the Ontario Environmental Assessment Board Decision: Adams Mine
Resource Type:Legal Decision
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:77
Date authored:June 19, 1998
Author/s:Len Gertler, Pauline Browes, Don Smith
Author Organization:Environmental Assessment Board

posted on behalf ofThe Adams Mine Intervention Coalitionc/o NorthwatchBox 282, North Bay, Ontariotel:705-497-0373fax:705-476-7060Kirkland Lake - Last month's cabinet decision to approve a mega-dump in northern Ontario is up in the air again, with the early September announcement by a coalition of farmers, local residents and environmental groups that they are commencing a legal challenge of the dump approval.

Title:Adam's Mine Update: Northern Citizens CoalitionTakes Dump Decision to Court
Resource Type:Background information
# of Pages:2
Date authored:September 1998
Author/s:Adams Mine Intervention Coalition
Author Organization:Adams Mine Intervention Coalition
Title:Submissions of the Canadian Environmental Law Association to the Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly Re: Adams Mine Lake Act, 2004 (Bill 49)

Response to EBR Registry Notice No. AA4E001

Resource Type:Legal Submissions, Report
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:6
Date authored:May 21, 2004
Author/s:Richard D. Lindgren
Author Organization:Canadian Environmental Law Association

Jun 30 1998

Coalition Launching Appeal of Dump Decision

Jun 18 1998

Adams Mine Decision Expected This Week
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