Darlington New Build Joint Review Panel

OPG is seeking approval to build up to four new nuclear reactors at the Darlington site, but Ontario has not yet specified which type of reactor technology will be utilized, nor has Ontario quantified the multi-billion dollar cost of the OPG proposal. It is also unclear whether the high level radioactive waste (i.e. used fuel rods) from the new reactors will be stored at the Darlington site, or at OPG’s proposed (but unapproved) Deep Geologic Repository near Kincardine, Ontario. This is a collection of information related to the work CELA is doing on this matter.

Jul 18 2012

Public Nuclear Emergency Plan Review Needed for Darlington
Title:Factum, Darlington New Build Judicial Review

Memorandum of Fact and Law submitted to the Federal Court of Canada

Resource Type:Legal Submissions
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# of Pages:33
Date authored:March 9, 2012
Publication number:945
Author/s:Mitchell, Duncan, McClenaghan, Lindgren
Author Organization:CELA & Ecojustice
Title:Comments Re: Draft Agreement to Establish a Joint Review Panel for the New Nuclear Power Plant Project by Ontario Power Generation (Darlington) within the Municipality of Durham, Ontario (CEAR Reference Number 07-05-29525)
Resource Type:Letter
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# of Pages:38
Date authored:November 19, 2008
Publication number:815
Author/s:Theresa McClenaghan, Shawn-Patrick Stensil, Ziggy Kleinau
Author Organization:CELA, Greenpeace, CFRE

Sep 29 2011

Des environnementalistes devant les tribunaux pour mettre un terme aux nouveaux réacteurs nucléaires de l’Ontario

Sep 29 2011

Environmentalists go to court to halt new Ontario nuclear reactors

Choose green energy: Stop Darlington

Toronto Star op. ed. Sept. 8, 2011

Title:Review of Alternatives in Darlington New Build Environmental Impact Statement
Report to Safe And Green Energy (SAGE)
Resource Type:Report, Response to Consultation
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# of Pages:12
Date authored:October 7, 2010
Publication number:788
Author/s:Theresa McClenaghan
Author Organization:CELA
Title:Darlington New Nuclear Power Plant Project (Final written submission)

CELA's Comments to the Joint Panel

Resource Type:Legal Submissions
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# of Pages:29
Date authored:May 17, 2011
Publication number:787
Author/s:Theresa McClenaghan, Richard Lindgren, Ramani Nadarajah, Joe Castrilli
Author Organization:Canadian Environmental Law Association

Apr 04 2011

Canadian Environmental Law Association at Darlington Hearings

Mar 31 2011

Theresa McClenaghan speaks about the Darlington Hearings
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