The Precautionary Principle

The precautionary principle denotes a duty to prevent harm, when it is within our power to do so, even when all the evidence is not in. This principle has been codified in several international treaties to which Canada is a signatory. Domestic law makes reference to this principle but implementation remains limited.

Below are collected publications that CELA has written concerning the precautionary principle, including a detailed bibliography.

Title:Response to Planning for Sustainable Future: A Federal Sustainable Development Strategy for Canada
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:32
Date authored:July 12, 2010
Publication number:734
Author/s:Fe de Leon, Sarah Miller, Christopher Waffle
Author Organization:CELA

Pollution Prevention Options To Incineration

Intervenor: vol. 27, no. 1 - 2, January - June 2002

Title:Bibliography: The Precautionary Principle
Resource Type:Bibliography
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# of Pages:17
Date authored:September 2003
Author/s:Dayna Nadine Scott
Author Organization:Canadian Environmental Law Association


Title:Chapter 4: Risk Assessment and the Precautionary Principle (Environmental Standard Setting and Children's Health)
Resource Type:Book Chapter
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# of Pages:61
Date authored:May 25, 2000
Author/s:Kathleen Cooper, Loren Vanderlinden, Theresa McClenaghan, Karyn Keenan, Kapil Khatter, Paul Muldoon, Alan Abelsohn
Author Organization:Canadian Environmental Law Association, Ontario College of Family Physicians Environmental Health Committee


Title:Environmental Standard Setting and Children's Health: Injecting Precaution into Risk Assessment
Resource Type:Article
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# of Pages:28
Date authored:February 2003
Author/s:Theresa McClenaghan, Kathleen Cooper, Loren Vanderlinden, Paul Muldoon, Alan Abelsohn, Kapil Khatter, Karyn Keenan
Author Organization:Canadian Environmental Law Association, Ontario College of Family Physicians
Title:Mise en œuvre de précaution : résumé de la réaction des ONG au document de discussion du gouvernement du Canada, intitulé Une perspective canadienne sur l'approche/principe de précaution
Resource Type:Response to Consultation
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:4
Date authored:April 2002
Author/s:Theresa McClenaghan et Hugh Benevides
Title:Implementing Precaution - An NGO Response to the Government of Canada's Discussion Document "A Canadian Perspective on the Precautionary Approach/Principle"
Resource Type:Report, Response to Consultation
Content:Download PDF file
# of Pages:27
Date authored:April 2002
Publication number:419
Author/s:Hugh Benevides, Theresa McClenaghan
Author Organization:Canadian Environmental Law Association
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