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We have published the CELA Bulletin listserv since early 2000. With the development of CELA’s redesigned website in 2004, links in previous Bulletins, to CELA’s on-line resources, will no longer function. However, list postings since mid-2003 are provided in this archive, with updated links. Bulletin postings will continue to be archived here to provide site visitors with a sense of Bulletin content and frequency.

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Editorial Policy: The Bulletin is used as a periodic, one-way flow of information about the activities of CELA's staff and clients. When the Bulletin is used to announce upcoming events, it is only when those events include the direct participation of CELA staff or clients.

The CELA Bulletin is used in this focused and reasonably infrequent way so that our subscribers know that it will not become an irritating source of too much email. More important, it ensures that the Bulletin has a clear and consistent purpose that CELA can maintain within the limits of our resources.