Title:2016 CEPA Review – CELA Response to Questions Posed by Committee Members at the May 19, 2016 Hearing and Related Matters

Supplementary submissions to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development arising from CELA testimony before the committee on May 19, 2016 on issues of:

  • environmental justice
  • assessment triggers and existing substances, and other matters of interest or concern under CEPA, including:
  • new substances
  • clarifying and improving NPRI information-gathering authority
  • risk assessment vs. hazard assessment
  • requiring substitution of non-chemical alternatives as support for pollution prevention
  • improving risk management measures for products, and
  • improving the role of the public in CEPA enforcement 
Resource Type:Letter, Response to Consultation
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# of Pages:19
Date authored:June 16, 2016
Author/s:Joeseph F. Castrilli and Fe de Leon
Author Organization:Canadian Environmental Law Association