Theresa McClenaghan

Theresa McClenaghan is the Executive Director and Counsel at CELA, LL.B. University of Western Ontario (1984), LL.M. (Constitutional Law) Osgoode Law School (York University, 1999) and a diploma in Environmental Health McMaster University (1999). Past senior water policy advisor to the Ontario Minister of the Environment. Notable litigation included representing the Concerned Walkerton Citizens at the Walkerton Inquiry; attendance at the Supreme Court of Canada on the Hudson and Toronto pesticide by-laws, and the Oncomouse patent among others. Theresa is author or co-author of various environmental law books and chapters including Ontario Water Law. Theresa sits on the steering committee of the Low Income Energy Network, on the Ontario Energy Board’s Chair’s Advisory Roundtable, and is most recently a member of a national advisory panel on contaminants in waste water. Theresa represents clients before the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, the National Energy Board, and in the Federal Courts among other courts and tribunals.