CELA Celebrates Ontario’s Unanimous Passage of Skin Cancer Prevention Act

Oct 16 2013

Toronto – In a move long advocated by the Canadian Cancer Society and others working on cancer prevention, the Ontario government last week unanimously passed the Skin Cancer Prevention Act.

This new law will prohibit the use of tanning beds by youth under age 18 in Ontario. CELA has worked for many years with the Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition (TCPC) in efforts to reduce and prevent exposure to carcinogens. The TCPC structure includes several working groups including the Ultraviolet Radiation/Shade Working Group. Alongside advocacy efforts for policies to create more shade throughout municipalities, the Working Group strongly supported Canadian Cancer Society efforts to seek a ban the use of tanning beds by youth.

CELA also worked in partnership with the Ontario Branch the Canadian Cancer Society in a Take Charge of Toxics campaign that resulted in Ontario's Toxics Reduction Act.

“CELA congratulates the Canadian Cancer Society for a worthy campaign, begun in 2005, to bring this legislation to Ontario. This law will help to prevent many cases of skin cancer in the future and help to raise awareness of other skin cancer risks among young people,” stated Theresa McClenaghan, Executive Director and Counsel at CELA.

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For more information:
Theresa McClenaghan, Executive Director and Counsel theresa@cela.ca