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Nov 05 2018

Photo: Haliburton: Light, temperature, sugar and pigments by Peter Morgan/Flickr

In this issue:

News & Activities:

  • Canada bans asbestos
  • Strengthening the federal Oceans Protection Plan
  • Keeping the Great Lakes Compact strong
  • Limiting plastic pollution in Canada
  • CELA's submission on Bill 4 of the Cap and Trade Revocation Act
  • Amending the Canadian Environmental Protection Act
  • Improving the Small Modular Reactor Licensing Guide
  • Comments on nuclear disaster recovery guidelines
  • CNSC’s Regulatory Oversight Report for Canadian Nuclear Power Plants: 2017
  • 87 groups call for inquiry into nuclear waste management
  • New CELA collection: The Northern Ontario project

On the CELA Blog

  • A first look at the USMCA trade deal
  • Does the USMCA offer hope for a revitalized Commission for Environmental Cooperation?
  • Chronicles from the North

Faces of CELA

  • Q&A with Rashin Alizadeh

Upcoming events

  • Nov. 6 - Thunder Bay discussion
  • Nov. 12 - Webinar
  • Nov. 15 - Belleville workshop