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May 31 2019

Ottawa's spectacular tulip displays at the Supreme Court of Canada in May 2019 (Photo: Kathleen Cooper/CELA)

In this issue:

News & Activities

  • CELA attends Low Income Energy Network conference
  • CELA turns 50 in 2020! And we need your help
  • Prohibition of regulatory negligence lawsuits against Ontario
  • Strengthening the new Technical Standard for Asphalt Mix Industry
  • Analyzing nuclear reactor exemptions
  • Proposed Amendments to General Regulation 334 of the Environmental Assessment Act
  • Critiquing changes to the Environmental Assessment Act
  • Strengthening amendments to the Endangered Species Act
  • Conservation authorities modernization (incl. Schedule 2, Bill 108)
  • Strengthening Ontario's land use planning regime
  • CELA welcomes new Canadian IJC Commissioners
  • Updated referral list of Ontario environmental lawyers

On the CELA blog

  • Approaching CELA's 50th Anniversary - Back to Basics
  • Reflecting on the connection between law reform and litigation