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Feb 27 2019

Photo: Flowerpot Island: Fantom Five National Marine Park, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada by J. Stephen Conn/Flickr

In this issue:

Upcoming events

  • Feb 28: Drilling down on nuclear waste

News & Activities:

  • Calling for accountability on Canada's waste dumping in the Philippines
  • Canada needs better pesticide labels
  • Improving Bill C-55 to protect Canada's coastal waters
  • Improving the CNSC’s emergency preparedness plans Improving electronics and batteries diversion from Ontario's waste stream
  • Supporting jurisdictions to act on climate
  • Initial modernization of NAFTA's environment assessments


  • Videos and presentations of CELA's glyphosate events now online
  • CELA defends Clean Water Act
  • Protecting species at risk - a public workshop in North Bay, Ontario
  • Radon law and policy webinar for CARST members

On the CELA Blog

  • Bill 57 passes legislature
  • Pesticides and products liability: American success, Canadian challenge
  • Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Environmental Bill of Rights

Faces of CELA

  • Sara Desmarais