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Dec 22 2017

 CELA's staff and board wish you all the best for the holidays & 2018! (Photo: Pete Lytwyniuk/Flickr)

 In this issue:

News & Activities

  • CELA email phished...please proceed with caution!
  • Calling for a proper reform of the Environmental Bill of Rights
  • Ottawa must reconsider banning all neonics: coalition
  • Annual Report 2017
  • Calling for comprehensive bans on chlorinated antimicrobials
  • CELA on CTV's Your Morning—nuclear emergency planning
  • Requesting greater oversight from Canada's nuclear regulator
  • Providing feedback on an amended blue box plan
  • Post-mortem on dead ethanol refinery on Lake Ontario


  • People's Great Lakes Summit 2.0: Planning Policy Action
  • Are we prepared for nuclear emergencies in Ontario?
  • Indigenous Canadian drinking water crisis

On the CELA blog

  • Reducing road salts use in Ontario
  • People’s Great Lakes: Heal, Connect & Protect
  • 48 groups demand action on Environmental Bill of Rights reform

Spotlight: Jessica Karban