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Alliance responds to government ban on water-guzzling toilets

Good first step but more needed to make Ontario a leader in "blue" economy

Apr 22 2010

The Ontario Water Conservation Alliance, a coalition of industry, environmental organizations, labour and municipalities, reacted positively today to the government’s announcement on prohibiting the sale of inefficient toilets, but suggests further measures are needed to foster a culture of conservation and make the province a leader in the blue economy.

“The government is right to prohibit the sale of water-guzzling toilets – the ‘SUVs’ of the water world,” said Theresa McClenaghan of the Canadian Environmental Law Association, speaking on behalf of the Alliance. “It’s a good first step that puts the province on par with a number of other jurisdictions, but we shouldn’t stop here. The opportunity exists for Ontario to become a world leader in developing solutions that address the global water crisis. The market for such solutions is predicted to double to nearly $1 trillion by 2020. By committing to policies that set ambitious targets, foster innovation and establish progressive water efficiency standards, the government can create ‘blue’ jobs for Ontarians, save taxpayers millions of dollars and protect the province’s own precious water resources.”

The Alliance is urging the government to include a comprehensive water conservation and efficiency strategy in its proposed Water Opportunities Act. More information on the Alliance’s campaign can be found at

About the Ontario Water Conservation Alliance
The Ontario Water Conservation Alliance is a coalition of citizens, non-governmental organizations and businesses who believe an environmentally sustainable and economically secure province requires a comprehensive water conservation and efficiency strategy. The Alliance is therefore advocating for a Water Conservation and Opportunities Act for Ontario. For more information please visit

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