News and Events

Sep 30 2019

Webinar Oct 9th: Provincial Policy Statement Primer & Review

Sep 16 2019

Water Justice in a Climate Emergency

Sep 06 2019

Environmental and Labour organizations petition the Canadian Ministers to ensure Canada’s trade deal with Brazil and Mercosur countries enforces the protection of the Amazon

Sep 03 2019

2019 Environmental Law Toolkit Workshop

Jul 23 2019

Environmental Law Toolkit Webinar Series

Jul 02 2019

Webinar on July 11th - Environmental Assessment: The (Dead) Letter of the Law

Jun 28 2019

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Jun 21 2019

National Housing Strategy Act receives Royal Assent

Jun 12 2019

CELA reacts to Legal Aid Funding Decision

May 31 2019

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May 21 2019

CELA Welcomes New Canadian IJC Commissioners

May 07 2019

Civil society groups condemn plan to exempt nuclear reactors from Bill C-69 impact assessment

Apr 16 2019

Canada challenged to stop violating UN environmental Convention

Apr 16 2019

Toxic Chemicals Found in Canadian Toys & Consumer Products Made of Recycled Plastics: Health and Environmental groups urge immediate action by Canada to withdraw recycling exemption for toxic flame retardants under the Stockholm Convention

Apr 02 2019

Healthy Schools Day proposes ‘do-able’ actions to reduce children’s exposure to diesel emissions from school buses

Mar 29 2019

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Mar 28 2019

Webinar April 11: Who has jurisdiction over carbon pricing in Canada?

Mar 20 2019

CELA’s Environmental Services for Northern Ontario

Mar 19 2019

Some worthwhile environmental and equity gains in Budget 2019

Feb 27 2019

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Feb 15 2019

Environmental Protections are Not Red Tape - Feb 19, 2019

Feb 14 2019

CELA in Court Today on Federal Carbon Pricing Matter

Feb 01 2019

Great Lakes St.Lawrence Collaborative Webinar

Jan 31 2019

Video: "Glyphosate - Strategic Briefing for Lawyers and Activists"

Jan 29 2019

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Jan 15 2019

CELA to co-host two events to learn about the precedent-setting California case against Monsanto (now Bayer)

Dec 20 2018

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Dec 16 2018

New report by Walkerton citizens’ lawyers finds Bill 66 threatens Ontario’s drinking water

Dec 11 2018

CELA and RLEL now host the Environmental Beginnings website

Dec 03 2018

Environmentalists Demand that Ontario Government Withdraw its Proposed Elimination of the Province’s Independent Environmental Watchdog

Nov 30 2018

Notice of Media Conference – Environmentalists Respond to Bill 57’s Proposal to Abolish Ontario’s Independent Environmental Watchdog

Nov 30 2018

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Nov 29 2018

CELA statement on Ontario's Climate Change Plan regarding low-income communities

Nov 16 2018

Nearly half a million concerned citizens call for immediate ban on bee-killing neonic pesticides in Canada

Nov 15 2018

CELA Condemns the Proposed Elimination of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Nov 05 2018

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Oct 30 2018

Government urged to halt push for new fleet of nuclear reactors