Media Release

CELA and Partners Collaborate to Urge the Ontario Government to Address Water Protection

Aug 16 2004

Toronto, Ontario - The McGuinty government's new drinking water source protection legislation should charge fees for water taking and increase funding for municipalities and Conservation Authorities responsible for protecting sources of drinking water, according to recommendations released today by 22 citizen and environmental groups. The draft Drinking Water Source Protection Act and proposed changes to the Water Taking and Transfer Regulation need significant improvements if the government is to keep its key election promise to meet all of the recommendations of the Walkerton Inquiry, the groups say. Their Ontario Source Water Protection Statement of Expectations calls on the McGuinty government to embrace the precautionary principle to ensure safe drinking water for municipalities, rural well users and First Nations communities. The full Ontario Source Water Protection Statement of Expectations is available online, linked below, or on The WaterHole - - a grassroots water protection web site launched today. The WaterHole will provide ongoing updates about the status of new provincial water legislation and other developments relevant to an adequate supply of clean, safe water in Ontario. For more information, please contact Paul Muldoon, Executive Director, Canadian Environmental Law Association, (416) 960-2284 ext. 219.  

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