The Canadian Environmental Law Association Launches French Public Information Session Across Ontario

May 12 2011

With funding from Legal Aid Ontario, the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) will be delivering free French public information sessions on environmental law, health and public participation to four regions (and seven communities) in Ontario.

Through this series of presentations, CELA will be providing information on environmental law and health pertinent to each individual community, as well as explaining ways for the public to become involved in environmental decision-making in their communities. In addition to French presentations, CELA will be preparing French resources (including FAQs, fact sheets, and templates of legal documents) and providing free summary legal advice in French.

The schedule of presentations is as follows:

WHAT: Public Information Sessions on Environmental Law, Health and Public Participation

WHO: Burgandy Dunn (Lawyer) and Monique Mackinnon, (French Facilitator) | Canadian Environmental Law Association

WHEN: May – June 2011

WHERE: Kapuskasing, Hearst, Timmins, Sudbury, Témiskaming, Hawkesbury, and Toronto

For more information, to participate, or offer suggestions on topics to be covered in the presentations, please contact: Burgandy Dunn,; 416.960.2284, ext. 226.

For news and updates on the presentation in your community, visit us on Facebook.