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Dec 15 1999

CELA Shocked at Selection of New Environmental Commissioner

Dec 07 1999

Is Life Patentable? Precedent Setting Harvard Mouse Case in Court Thursday

Nov 26 1999

Federal Government Ban on Bulk Water Removals Only Partially Closes Off Exports Threat Says CELA

Nov 09 1999

Environment Minister Water Protection Measure Full of Holes, Says Environmental Law Group

Oct 26 1999

Proposed Tritium Drinking Water Standard Too High Say Groups

Oct 05 1999

Invited Editorial (Globe and Mail) Give the Mi'kmaq a chance: The court's ruling wasn't a blank cheque, and First Nations are good stewards of the land

Sep 22 1999

Environmental Commissioner's Office Not to be Touched: Minister

Sep 20 1999

Water Watch Summit a Huge Success

Sep 20 1999

Resident Outraged at Minister's Approval of Proposed Environmental Assessment for Richmond Landfill Expansion

Jul 15 1999

Local Residents Retain CELA in Battle Against Richmond Landfill Expansion

Jul 14 1999

"We Don't Want Toronto's Garbage," Say Groups From Ontario and the U.S.

Jul 12 1999

Northerners Have Day in Court Over Super-Dump Approval

Jun 21 1999

Information and Privacy Commissioner Orders Ministry of Environment to Release Emissions for Gay Lea's Teeswater Plant

May 21 1999

Mining "Side Deal" Undermines Lands for Life Proposal, Says Environmental Law Group

Apr 22 1999

Earth Day Spent in Court over Mega-Dump: Northerners Ask Court to Block Approval of Adams Mine Landfill

Mar 26 1999

Cancer Rates on the Rise with Environmental and Workplace Factors to Blame

Mar 17 1999

Northerners Ask Court to Block Approval of Super-Dump

Feb 22 1999

Ontario Hydro Should be Subject to the Freedom of Information Act

Feb 22 1999

Ontario Hydro Should Be Subject to the Freedom of Information Act Say Environmental and Energy Watchdog Groups

Jan 11 1999

CELA v. Environment Minister in Federal Court, January 12, 1999