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Mar 07 2006

Bill 51: Big step forward for Ontario environmental planning

Mar 01 2006

Environmental Groups Release Legal Opinion...Electricity Plan Requires Provincial Environmental Assessment

Feb 22 2006

Proposed Richmond Landfill Expansion

Feb 22 2006

Mohawks and Residents Bring Dump Objections to Queen's Park; Demand that Ontario Reject Flawed Environmental Assessment

Feb 14 2006

Power Supply Mix Public Consultation

Feb 09 2006

Canadian Companies Dirtier Air Polluters than U.S. in Great Lakes Basin

Feb 08 2006

Four Days Inadequate for Public Review of 83 Billion Dollar Electricity Plan

Jan 30 2006

Mohawks and Residents Request that Provincial Officials Reject Environmental Assessment for Dump Expansion

Jan 19 2006

Health, safety and environmental laws at risk due to "smart regulation"

Dec 16 2005

Environmentalists Applaud McGuinty Commitment to Environmental Assessment

Dec 13 2005

New Protections for the Great Lakes Follows a Long Hard Negotiation

Dec 09 2005

Supply Advice Misses the Mark

Dec 07 2005

Long-awaited Source Protection Legislation Introduced

Dec 01 2005

Ontario: Less Talk More Action Needed on Energy Efficiency

Nov 22 2005

A Step in the Right Direction for Great Lakes Protection

Nov 18 2005

Canada's top court rejects final pesticide industry challenge

Nov 04 2005

Take Action Now for Drinking Water Source Protection!

Oct 20 2005

Childproofing for Environmental Health National Awareness Campaign — Ottawa Launch

Oct 12 2005

PollutionWatch Fact Sheet - New Brunswick Pollution Highlights

Oct 12 2005

Top New Brunswick Air Polluters Revealed