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Nov 10 2006

Ontario's Leading Environmental Groups Outline Priorities for Pre-Election Year

Oct 26 2006

Launch of Water Guardians Network

Oct 18 2006

Environmental groups applaud Third Reading of Clean Water Act

Oct 11 2006

National Greenhouse Gas Pollution Highlights

Oct 11 2006

Greenhouse Gas Emitters Exposed

Oct 03 2006

Environmental law group disappointed at abolition of Ambassador position, program cuts

Sep 13 2006

Federal Deadline on Toxics: Time to Ban the Worst; Regulate the Rest

Sep 01 2006

Citizens Speak Out About Clean Water

Aug 21 2006

Joint ENGO Statement on Improving Ontario's Clean Water Act

Aug 21 2006

New Water Law Critical for Healthy Ontario

Aug 17 2006

Time to push federal government to get rid of dangerous chemicals (backgrounder)

Aug 17 2006

Time to push federal government to get rid of dangerous chemicals

Jul 27 2006

Canadian Facilities Lag Behind U.S. in Reducing Air Pollution

Jun 21 2006

Ministry of Environment Reverses Decision - Now Accepting Public Comment on Exemption of Power Supply Plan

Jun 19 2006

CELA Seeks Revocation of Ontario Regulation that Exempts Provincial Energy Plan from Environmental Assessment

Jun 15 2006

CELA Denounces McGuinty Government's Decision to Exempt Provincial Energy Plan from Environment Assessment

Jun 14 2006

Help us keep a Community-Right-Know strategy alive in the City of Toronto

Jun 09 2006

Mohawks, Municipalities and Residents Commend Environment Ministry’s Recommendation Against Approval of Richmond Landfill Expansion

Jun 05 2006

Mohawks, Municipalities and Citizens Urge Ontario to Reject Proposed Landfill Expansion and to Commence Groundwater Investigation

May 18 2006

Progress made with Clean Water Act