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Apr 02 2008

“Standards” Geared to Boosting Toxic Chemical Sales Not Preventing Fires

Mar 14 2008

Environmental, Women's, Labour and Health Groups Around the World Call for Action to Save the Rotterdam Convention

Mar 10 2008

New OEB program to protect low-income consumers from rising energy costs: Board's comprehensive, province-wide approach commended by advocates

Feb 29 2008

Michelle Swenarchuk (October 30, 1948 - February 27, 2008)

Feb 14 2008

Parliament Should Pass CNSC Bill, Environmental Groups Say

Jan 23 2008

Dairy Farmers Win Pollution Lawsuit Against the Province of Ontario

Jan 21 2008

CELA Welcomes Clotheslines

Jan 16 2008

Conflict of Interest at Ministry of Natural Resources Must be Resolved, Say Groups

Jan 15 2008

Health and Environmental Organizations Support Ontario-wide Ban on Cosmetic Pesticides

Jan 15 2008

Top Health, Environment Leaders Urge World-Class Pesticide Ban

Dec 12 2007

MPs Should Not Override Nuclear Safety Regulator

Dec 10 2007

CELA Appoints Theresa McClenaghan as Executive Director

Nov 02 2007

Firefighters and enviro groups band together to ban toxic fire retardants

Sep 18 2007

Canada Lags Behind U.S. in Great Lakes Protection

Sep 10 2007

Cement kiln incineration appeal begins Tuesday

Sep 06 2007

During Back to School Shopping: Reduce Chemical Exposures and Demand Better Regulation

Aug 30 2007

CELA in cheering section for Province-wide ban on non-essential pesticides

Aug 15 2007

Is the latest Federal-Provincial Great Lakes Agreement Enough?

Jul 31 2007

Broad International Coalition Issues Urgent Call for Strong Oversight of Nanotechnology

Jun 15 2007

Father’s Day Report notes greater environmental risks to boys; urges precaution and increased awareness