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Oct 02 2008

Ban Asbestos Canada Questions for Candidates in October 14 Federal Election

Oct 02 2008

Nanotechnology Public Forum - October 15th, Toronto

Oct 02 2008

Party Leaders Urged to Sign Pledge for a Toxics-Free Great Lakes

Oct 02 2008

Backgrounder - Pledge for a Toxics-Free Great Lakes

Sep 04 2008

7 in 10 Ontarians Urge Golf Pesticide Phase-out

Sep 03 2008

Environmental organizations issue criticism of Federal government for refusal to phase out cancer causing substances

Aug 26 2008

A Toxic-Free Ontario ~ CELA releases a Toxic Use Reduction Model Law

Aug 22 2008

A Toxic-Free Ontario - Statement of Expectations

Aug 13 2008

Canada Obstructing U.N. Convention Over Asbestos

Jul 29 2008

Historic Watershed for Great Lakes Protection

Jul 29 2008

Stopping the Leaks in the Great Lakes: A Watershed is Within Reach

Jul 29 2008

Clearing the Way for Action on Sustainability of the Waters of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Ecosystem: Myths vs. Possibilities

Jul 14 2008

Can Canada Avoid a Water Crisis?

Jul 11 2008

Groups call for ban on all PBDEs

Jul 11 2008

Canada under fire for toxic fire retardants

Jun 19 2008

Environmentalists hail precedent-setting Ontario court victory

Jun 18 2008

Bittersweet Milestone with Passage of Ontario Pesticide Law

Jun 16 2008

Health and Environment Groups Sound Alarm About Pesticide Bill

Jun 12 2008

Vinyl Shower Curtains Release Toxic Chemicals

Jun 10 2008

CELA’s Legal Team