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Jan 07 2010

New Information for Ontario's Drinking Water Source Protection Program

Dec 04 2009

Toxics Reduction Plans Moving Ahead

Nov 19 2009

CELA calls for all federal parties to support amendments to improve the Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act

Nov 19 2009

Overview of Ontario's Green Energy Act

Oct 13 2009

Environmental groups take Feds to the Supreme Court

Oct 06 2009

"Immediate Closure of the Richmond Landfill" Says Ontario's Environmental Watchdog

Sep 29 2009

Current Policies Fail to Protect People and Ecosystem from Toxic Chemicals in the Great Lakes

Sep 15 2009

Friends of Second Marsh welcome withdrawal of application for ethanol facility in Oshawa

Sep 14 2009

Don't back down [on promoting asbestos ban], two Conservative backbenchers urged by environmental groups

Aug 14 2009

Coalition Urges Ontarians to Support Development of a World-Class Water Strategy

Jun 29 2009

CELA Responds to Ontario’s Decision to Defer New Nuclear Plant Contract

Jun 24 2009

Inclusionary Housing - Statement of Principles

Jun 10 2009

CELA seeks commitment from Ontario for swift action on lowering tritium standard

Jun 09 2009

The dark ages in radiation protection

Jun 03 2009

There Has Never Been a Better Time Not to Buy a Reactor

Jun 03 2009

The Perfect Storm in Favour of Green Power - Backgrounder to June 3/09 Media Release

Jun 03 2009

CELA calls for strong toxics use reduction regulations as new Toxics Reduction Act passes

Jun 01 2009

Heed students and ban Canadian asbestos say health, environment and social justice organizations

May 25 2009

S.L.A.P.P.S and Democracy - after-work forum

Apr 23 2009

Toxic chemicals used in lice treatments, flame retardants, stain and water resistance, and old pesticides targeted for global elimination under UN Agreement