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Jul 06 2010

Energy Minister gives "green" light to low-income energy programs

Jun 01 2010

Articling Student Position 2011-12 Term

May 31 2010

Environmental Groups Applaud Province’s Establishment of Expert Panel to Protect Citizens from Bullying Lawsuits

May 26 2010

Cooling Government Enthusiasm for Low-Income Energy Consumers' Programs

May 21 2010

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Dairy Farmers' Appeal in Pollution Lawsuit Against Ontario Government

May 19 2010

Minimum Standards with Maximum Loopholes

May 18 2010

Environmental Groups Challenge Ontario Government's Open For Business Act

May 18 2010

New Study: North Americans Routinely Exposed to Hidden Toxic Chemical BPA from Food Cans

May 18 2010

Industry and Environmental Groups Commend Ontario Government for Showing Leadership on Water

May 16 2010

Ecumenical Service and Walk Held to Commemorate Walkerton Tragedy

May 15 2010

Learning from our Shared Experience with Asbestos - India and Canada (Forum open to the public May 15th)

May 13 2010

Environmental Groups Go to Ottawa to Oppose Harper Government's Proposals to Weaken Federal Environmental Law

May 12 2010

Radioactive Steam Generator Shipments Put the Great Lakes and Global Consumer Products at Risk

Apr 29 2010

No, Means No: Mohawks, Municipality, and Residents will Vigorously Oppose Waste Management's Latest Mega-Dump Proposal in Napanee

Apr 22 2010

Alliance responds to government ban on water-guzzling toilets

Apr 21 2010

Great Lakes Still Under Siege from Toxic Pollution

Apr 21 2010

Green Budget Coalition Opposes Using Budget Process to Weaken Environmental Protection Laws

Apr 21 2010

Joint Statement to European legislators on BFRs and PVC

Apr 14 2010

Public Campaign Launched to Promote Conservation Path for Ontario's Water Opportunities Act

Mar 08 2010

Water Opportunities Act Must Set Targets for Ontario’s Wasteful Water Use