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Jun 14 2011

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Denied Intervention in Judicial Review of its Steam Generators Shipping Decision

Jun 10 2011


Jun 09 2011

CIELAP/CELA Homecoming Celebration

Jun 07 2011

Articling Student Position for 2012-13 Term

Jun 06 2011

Séance d’information GRATUITE sur les lois qui protègent l’environnement, la relation entre l’environnement et la santé humaine, et la participation du public- Hawkesbury

Jun 06 2011

Public Information Session on Environmental Law, Health and Public Participation - Hawkesbury

Jun 05 2011

“Michelle’s Prize” – Scholarship Fund in Honour of Michelle Swenarchuk

May 30 2011

Cosmetic Pesticide Bans Unaffected by DOW-Quebec Deal

May 25 2011

Environment: Your Questions, Your Rights, Our Support

May 20 2011

Invitation to May 20th Environmental Briefing on the Canada - European Union Trade Agreement (CETA)

May 18 2011

Environmental Group Demands Rejection of New Nuclear Reactors at the Darlington Site

May 12 2011

The Canadian Environmental Law Association Launches French Public Information Session Across Ontario

May 12 2011

CELA has a Facebook page!

Apr 25 2011

Hazardous waste on your living room floor

Apr 14 2011

Make CETA an Election Issue!

Apr 04 2011

Canadian Environmental Law Association at Darlington Hearings

Mar 31 2011

Theresa McClenaghan speaks about the Darlington Hearings

Mar 31 2011

Groups Across Canada Call for an Inquiry into the Future of Nuclear Power

Mar 25 2011

Green Budget Coalition Responds to Budget 2011

Mar 16 2011

CELA Calls for Postponement of Darlington New Build Hearings