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Apr 18 2012

A Brief on SLAPPs - Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP): Legislation Urgently Needed in Ontario

Apr 17 2012

Federal Announcements Confirm Government's Intent to Weaken Canada's Environmental Laws

Apr 16 2012

Residents File Legal Appeal Against Richmond Landfill Licence

Apr 02 2012

Environmental Review Tribunal Gives Green Light to Residents' Appeal Against Amended Approval for Richmond Landfill Site

Mar 29 2012

Federal Budget Signals Attack on Canada's Environmental Laws

Mar 27 2012

Ministers refuse to impose restrictions on substance widely used in personal care products and persistent in the environment

Mar 26 2012

Environmentalists Call on All Parties to Help Clean Up the Great Lakes

Mar 22 2012

Federal review of new reactors neglects Ontarians’ health and financial safety

Mar 01 2012

Prenatal and Childhood Exposures to Hazardous Chemicals/Pollutants and Associations with Chronic Disease: Information Session

Feb 29 2012

From Coast to Coast, Canadian Groups Say Strong, Inclusive Federal Environmental Laws are Needed

Feb 29 2012

Environmental Assessment Statement of Principles - for a healthy, secure, and sustainable Canada

Feb 28 2012

Experts Release Video on Top 5 Actions to Reduce Child Exposure to Toxic Chemicals at Home

Feb 27 2012

Great Lakes Groups Call on Canadian and United States Federal Legislators to Ensure Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Will Protect Lakes

Feb 08 2012

Coalition urges federal cabinet to list as toxic, and restrict use of, chemical widely used in personal care products, despite panel conclusions

Feb 02 2012

Concerned Citizens Pursue Appeal Against Amended Approval for Richmond Landfill Site

Jan 25 2012

Request for Proposals - CELA Brand Redesign

Dec 13 2011

Auditor’s report highlights serious problems with enforcement of toxic chemicals regulations

Dec 08 2011

CELA Supports the North American Declaration to Eliminate Asbetos-Related Diseases

Nov 16 2011

Making the Links: Environmental Health, Equity & the Law Workshops

Oct 24 2011

Petition to the Office of the Auditor General of Canada