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Feb 08 2018

The Federal Government’s Proposed Impact Assessment Act: Some Forward Progress, but Changes Needed to Ensure Sustainability

Feb 06 2018

CELA Welcomes Proposed Changes to Federal Fisheries Act

Jan 31 2018

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Jan 30 2018

Is Ontario Prepared for a Nuclear Emergency?

Jan 23 2018

WaterScape - Community Discussions on Protecting Water for Future Generations

Jan 08 2018

Canada’s proposed asbestos ban – an important momentum builder for public health protection

Dec 22 2017

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Dec 19 2017

Ottawa must reconsider proposal to continue major uses of bee-killing pesticides and ban all neonics: coalition

Dec 07 2017

View Theresa McClenaghan on CTV on Nuclear Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Nov 30 2017

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Nov 22 2017

Mayors, Businesses and NGOs in Ottawa to call for increased investment to protect the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence GLRI-type process proposed to Environment and Climate Change Minister

Nov 22 2017

Nuclear Accidents Happen – Then What?

Nov 21 2017

Call for Mandatory Action on Radon

Nov 15 2017

CELA Applauds Environment Ministry’s Proposal to Address the Cumulative Effects of Air Pollution

Oct 31 2017

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Oct 30 2017

Bill 154 Threatens Health, Safety and the Environment of Ontario Residents

Oct 27 2017

CELA Supports Updated Air Quality Standards on Sulphur Dioxide but calls on Province to apply the law fairly

Oct 20 2017

Government's Plans to Reform Decision-Making Framework for Community Planning Coming Under Increasing Attack

Oct 17 2017

Co-operative of Specialty Community Legal Clinics on Ontario has successful open-house

Oct 16 2017

NEXT WEEK - Environmental Law Toolkit Workshop - October 24, 2017