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Apr 30 2018

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Apr 27 2018

The European Union bans all outdoor uses of bee-harming neonic pesticides

Mar 28 2018

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Mar 27 2018

WEBINAR - Land Use Planning Reforms Under Bill 139: A public interest perspective

Mar 26 2018

Call for mandatory radon testing focus of national Healthy Schools Day petition

Mar 05 2018

Rule out radon - Sign the Healthy Schools Day petition

Feb 28 2018

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Feb 27 2018

CELA applauds federal government’s Budget 2018

Feb 13 2018

WaterScape - Community Discussions on Protecting Water for Future Generations

Feb 08 2018

The Federal Government’s Proposed Impact Assessment Act: Some Forward Progress, but Changes Needed to Ensure Sustainability

Feb 06 2018

CELA Welcomes Proposed Changes to Federal Fisheries Act

Jan 31 2018

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Jan 30 2018

Is Ontario Prepared for a Nuclear Emergency?

Jan 23 2018

WaterScape - Community Discussions on Protecting Water for Future Generations

Jan 08 2018

Canada’s proposed asbestos ban – an important momentum builder for public health protection

Dec 22 2017

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Dec 19 2017

Ottawa must reconsider proposal to continue major uses of bee-killing pesticides and ban all neonics: coalition

Dec 07 2017

View Theresa McClenaghan on CTV on Nuclear Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Nov 30 2017

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Nov 22 2017

Mayors, Businesses and NGOs in Ottawa to call for increased investment to protect the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence GLRI-type process proposed to Environment and Climate Change Minister