Proposed Drinking Water Source Protection Act for Ontario

Jul 20 2004

The Ministry of the Environment (MoE) has proposed a Drinking Water Source Protection Act, which is necessary for the development of source water protection plans. The new Act prescribes the establishment of source protection areas, the designation of source protection boards, the establishment of source protection committees and their respective roles and responsibilities in the development of assessment reports and source protection plans for each watershed in the source protection area. View details of Environmental Bill of Rights Registry Number A04E0002 on-line . CELA counsel Rick Lindgren and Theresa McClenaghan will be analyzing the new Act and making a submission to the Ministry of the Environment. They welcome any comments about the new regulation. Please send comments via Darryl Finnigan at: As well, CELA encourages all interested parties to draft their own submissions to the MOE stating their concerns or comments. Deadline for comments: August 22, 2004.