Nuclear Waste On-line - Webinar Series in February

Jan 31 2013


Nuclear Waste On-line is a series of on-line presentations in February 2013.
Weekly workshops provide an introduction to nuclear waste in Canada, an overview of how nuclear facilities are regulated, a outline of proposals for the deep burial of nuclear waste. and a comparison of different country approaches to assessing nuclear waste burial proposals. Twice per week, February 5 to March 1. Please join us

Nuclear Waste: Top Ten Things to Know
An introduction and overview of nuclear waste issues in Canada: where the waste comes from, why it is a problem, what the nuclear industry is proposing, and key issues related to the transport and burial of highly radioactive nuclear waste. This workshop provides basic information, as an introduction to the topic of nuclear waste in Canada and as background for other workshops in the series.

Presenter: Brennain Lloyd, Northwatch
Date/Times: Tuesday, February 5 @ 12 noon and Friday, February 8 @ 2 pm

Safe by What Standard? How nuclear facilities are regulated in Canada
This workshop provides an overview of how nuclear facilities are regulated in Canada, and includes information about how nuclear-related risks are calculated, what standards and regulations are based on, how the rules for protecting the public and environment from radiation are developed, and how security risks are regulated.

Presenter: Theresa McClenaghan, Executive Director and Senior Counsel, Canadian Environmental Law Association
Dates/Times: Tuesday, February 12 @ 12 noon and Friday, February 15 @ 2 pm

Burying Trouble: Deep Geological Repositories for Nuclear Waste
Many countries, including Canada, are considering burying highly radioactive nuclear waste deep underground. This workshop will describe some of the common elements of these proposals, briefly describe several countries' proposals, and identify some of the outstanding technical challenges. The workshop provides background information for the final workshop in the series.

Presenter: Brennain Lloyd, Northwatch
Date / Time Tuesday, February 19 @ 12 noon and Friday, and February 22 @ 2 pm

Judging Geological Repositories: How Different Countries Evaluate Nuclear Waste Burial Proposals
In the lingo of nuclear waste burial, the "safety case" is the technical explanation of why a particular design in a particular rock formation will actually contain the radioactive wastes for a predicted period of time. This workshop will compare how different countries intend to assess the ability of a proposed deep geological repository to contain the nuclear hazards over time.

Presenter: Laura Bowman, LLB, Iler Campbell Law Firm
Date / Time: Tuesday, February 26 @ 12 noon and Friday, March 1 @ 2 pm

How to connect with this on-line workshop series:

  • Each workshop will be presented twice, at the times and dates shown above
  • All workshop are being presented using a web site for on-line meetings called; please visit the web site in advance to learn the basics about how the on-line meetings are presented and to test your system
  • You have the choice of listening through your computer, or listening through your telephone; to listen in by telephone, call 1-213-416-1560 (regular long-distance charges will apply) and at the prompt enter your guest code 460 4735 followed by the # sign
  • The presenters' slides and some addtional information will appear on your computer screen
  • You will be able to ask questions by using the "chat" function through your computer connection
  • If you have questions following the workshop, send them by email or call us with your question; we will post all questions and answers on our web site