LIEN Currents

The seasonal bulletin of the LowIncome Energy Network (LIEN)

Mar 25 2015

Find out about:

  • Registration for the LIEN Annual Conference (April 16th at Harbourfront Community Centre)
  • Electricity rate affordability program for low-income consumers
  • Monitoring OEB's Low-Income Energy Program (LEAP) initiatives
  • Protecting the rights of low-income consumers who have signed with energy retailers
  • Improvements for low-income consumers in the new natural gas Demand-Side Management (DSM) Framework

LIEN Currents is issued seasonally by the Low-Income Energy Network for members and others interested in solutions to energy poverty in Ontario. For more information, contact the LIEN Coordinator at or 416-597-5855 ext. 5167 or toll-free at 1-866-245-4182 ext. 5167. You can also visit our website at

LIEN is a project funded by Legal Aid Ontario and supported by ACTO & CELA

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