Ministry of Environment Reverses Decision - Now Accepting Public Comment on Exemption of Power Supply Plan

O.Reg. 276/06 - EBR Registry No. XA06E0006

Jun 21 2006

The Ministry of the Environment is now accepting public comment on its decision to exempt the Integrated Power System Plan (IPSP) from the requirements of Ontario's Environmental Assessment Act (see EBR Registry No. XA06E006).

The deadline for public comment is July 20, 2006. A copy of CELA's comments is linked below for your consideration. See linked file: Letter to Ministry of Environment Re O. Reg 276/06 Exempting the Integrated Power System Plan from Environmental Assessment.

If you are concerned about exempting the IPSP from the EA Act, then please convey your views to the Ministry contact person listed in the EBR Registry notice before July 20, 2006.

Additional information about this matter is available at: Please contact Michelle Swenarchuk or Rick Lindgren at CELA (416-960-2284) if you have questions or comments.