Water Quantity - Takings, Bottling, Conservation

Collection on water quantity issues in Ontario and Canada

There is a "myth of abundance" about water in Canada. Despite the seeming vastness of supplies, there are localized as well as widespread cumulative effects of water-taking, insufficient conservation, consumptive uses and diversions and the wild card impacts of climate change.CELA has worked on issues of water quantity for many years opposing bulk exports of water and urging conservation and sustainability strategies in the many ways that water takings occur. Much of CELA's work has occurred in partnership with Great Lakes United and its member organizations. Detailed and summary publications, media releases and articles are collected below.

Media Releases

CELA announces Water Opportunities for First Nations
Industry and Environmental Groups Commend Ontario Government for Showing Leadership on Water
Alliance responds to government ban on water-guzzling toilets
Public Campaign Launched to Promote Conservation Path for Ontario's Water Opportunities Act
Water Opportunities Act Must Set Targets for Ontario’s Wasteful Water Use
Coalition Urges Ontarians to Support Development of a World-Class Water Strategy
CELA’s website: Great Lakes Information Network “Site of the Month”
CELA's Preliminary Analysis - Water Taking and Transfers Regulatory Amendments
Environmental Review Tribunal Dismisses Appeal by Water Bottling Company - Backgrounder
Environmental Review Tribunal Dismisses Appeal by Water Bottling Company
Source Water Protection - ACTION NEEDED NOW!!
Environment Ministry Restricts OMYA's Water-Taking
Ontario Moves to Protect Water and Stop Giving it Away
Concerned groups challenge governments on export and diversion of Great Lakes water
Debate on Water Cycles Back to the Need for Action: IJC Releases Final Report on Great Lakes Water Uses Reference
Federal Government Ban on Bulk Water Removals Only Partially Closes Off Exports Threat Says CELA
Water Watch Summit a Huge Success
Our Water is Not for Sale
CELA Calls for Federal Moratorium on Water Exports and Binding Great Lakes Treaty


Intervenor Articles

Intervenor: Vol 23. No 2 April - June 1998
Intervenor: Vol 23. No 3 July - September 1998
Intervenor: Vol 25. No. 2 April-June, 2000
Intervenor: Volume 24 No.1 January - March 1999
Intervenor: Vol 24. No 4 October - December 1999
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Intervenor: vol. 27, no. 3 - 4, July - December 2002
Intervenor: vol. 27, no. 3 - 4, July - December 2002