PollutionWatch - Great Lakes Reporting

Collection of www.pollutionwatch.org reports analyzing pollution to the Great Lakes from the US and Canada.

Pollution in the Great Lakes remains a serious problem and Canadian companies are dirtier than their US counterparts. In reviews of monitoring data www.pollutionwatch.org (a joint project of CELA and Environmental Defence) reports on emission trends to the Great Lakes basin. Collected below are media releases and related reports.

More collections of materials about water quality, quantity, and the Great Lakes are available in our water sustainability index.

Media Releases

Great Lakes Still Under Siege from Toxic Pollution
New Information for Ontario's Drinking Water Source Protection Program
People Living in Low Income Communities Likely to Face Greater Pollution Releases
Canadian Facilities Lag Behind U.S. in Reducing Air Pollution
Canadian Companies Dirtier Air Polluters than U.S. in Great Lakes Basin
Great Lakes, Great Air Pollution
Canadian polluters increased chemical releases by 20% from 1995 to 2001 according to PollutionWatch