Nutrient Management - Protecting Water Resources from Manure and Biosolids

Collection of material on protecting water resources from contamination by manure, biosolids, and other land applications of nutrients

The Walkerton water tragedy, the proliferation of industrial farming operations, the land application of sewage sludge or biosolids, and just routine farming operations are all examples of the need for nutrient management. Surface and groundwater can become excessively contaminated with harmful microorganisms when nutrients are not managed appropriately.

In the wake of the Walkerton Inquiry, nutrient management efforts continue alongside efforts to ensure safe drinking water sources. Collected below are publications, articles and media releases on this topic.

Media Releases

CELA’s website: Great Lakes Information Network “Site of the Month”
Source Water Protection - ACTION NEEDED NOW!!
Environmentalists call upon McGuinty Government to fix Deficient Water Well Regulation


Intervenor Articles

Intervenor: Vol 25. No 1 January - March 2000
Intervenor: vol. 27, no. 3 - 4, July - December 2002