Toxic Substances in Consumer Products

Collection of materials about the need for better regulation of chemicals in products

Millions of product recalls and the discovery of hazardous chemicals in our housedust and indoor air have prompted the modernization of consumer product regulation in Canada. New legal rights and protections are in place federally, for example, to provide product recall powers. We continue to advocate for stronger measures to prevent, and not just react to, toxic chemical use in products and to vastly improve labelling information to warn consumers when chemicals are present.

This collection includes CELA's advocacy on multiple aspects of product safety. See also related collections on this site about toxic flame retardants, perfluorochemicals, cancer prevention and right-to-know, lead in products, and on the CPCHE site, collections about toys, phthalates, Bisphenol A, PBDEs and chemicals in household products

Media Releases

Toxic Chemicals Found in Canadian Toys & Consumer Products Made of Recycled Plastics: Health and Environmental groups urge immediate action by Canada to withdraw recycling exemption for toxic flame retardants under the Stockholm Convention
MPs Vote to Continue Marathon Talkfest as “Strategy” for Disposal of Mercury in CFLs
Compliance and Enforcement Annual Report on Consumer Products Safety Necessary to Improve Protection from Hazardous Products in Canada
LEDs vs CFLs - Missed Opportunity by Hydro One to Limit Mercury Exposure
Needed: nationwide action plan for recovery of toxic mercury from light bulbs
International Campaign Halts Bromine Industry Attempt to Influence Self-Serving Standards
Decision on Flame Retardants is a New Low in Public Policy-Making on Chemical Safety
Obscure Canadian National Committee to decide on needless toxics in our living rooms
Ministers refuse to impose restrictions on substance widely used in personal care products and persistent in the environment
Coalition urges federal cabinet to list as toxic, and restrict use of, chemical widely used in personal care products, despite panel conclusions
Hazardous waste on your living room floor
CELA Supports Ban on Phthalates in Children’s Products
New Study: North Americans Routinely Exposed to Hidden Toxic Chemical BPA from Food Cans
Toxic chemicals used in lice treatments, flame retardants, stain and water resistance, and old pesticides targeted for global elimination under UN Agreement
Government must take action on suspected reproductive and developmental toxins
Groups call for ban on all PBDEs
Canada under fire for toxic fire retardants
Vinyl Shower Curtains Release Toxic Chemicals
New Products Law Will Add Needed Powers to React to Problems But Improvements Needed to Enable Prevention
“Standards” Geared to Boosting Toxic Chemical Sales Not Preventing Fires
Firefighters and enviro groups band together to ban toxic fire retardants
During Back to School Shopping: Reduce Chemical Exposures and Demand Better Regulation
Canadians’ Right to Know Opposed by Chemical Industry

Reports, Letters, Responses to Consultations


Occasional articles - 2008. Reprint of op. ed. published in The Toronto Star, Jan. 14, 2008