CEPA Review

Collection of submissions and other materials related to implementation and the Parliamentary Review of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) is the backbone of Canadian environmental legislation. The mandatory five-year review of CEPA is an opportunity to modernize this law and address key issues of concern to Canadians. CELA is concerned that the regulation of toxic substances under CEPA is too slow, lacks accountability, and even for those substances regulated under this law, is ineffective. The second review of CEPA occurred during 2006 when two federal standing committees, in the Senate and the House, conducted parallel reviews In March of 2016, the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development began its review.

This collection aggregates CELA's submissions and media releases concerning ongoing steps in implementing CEPA and proposals for improving this law. For information about the first review of CEPA, see: Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (First CEPA Review)

Action Alerts and Media Releases

Citizens across Canada urge ministers to adopt federal toxics law changes
Control of Toxic Substances at the Crossroads in Canada
Committee report recommends major reform of Parliament's control of toxic substances
Canada's main environmental law isn't working
House environment committee recommends federal pollution law reforms
Canada’s Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Highlights for 2005
Great Lakes Leaders Call for Stronger Binational Commitment
Time to push federal government to get rid of dangerous chemicals
Time to push federal government to get rid of dangerous chemicals (backgrounder)

Reports and Submissions to Consultations


Occasional articles - 2008. Reprint of op. ed. published in The Toronto Star, Jan. 14, 2008