Collection of materials related to outreach and advocacy on the leading cause of lung cancer after smoking

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in Canada among non-smokers estimated to cause about 16% of lung cancer deaths each year. It is an important public health issue. CELA has reviewed law and policy across Canada concerning radon and found legal protections lacking. Greater public awareness is also needed. While the federal government has made useful progress on various measures to address radon, most legal jurisdiction rests at the provincial/territorial level. CELA is working on outreach activities with the Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment and Take Action on Radon. Ongoing advocacy seeks to advance updates in radon-protection measures at the provincial level such as Ontario's Building Code and in child care licensing regulations. While there are some areas in Canada known to have high radon levels, all homes should be tested for radon.
(Image source: The Lung Association)

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