PBDEs - Flame Retardants as problematic as PCBs

Collection of information about CELA's advocacy to ban toxic flame retardants

This collection contains media releases and related background information concerning research and policy concerning PBDEs in the environment and humans including calls for banning this entire group of highly toxic and persistent chemicals. Additional information is provided in a more detailed collection about PBDEs on the website of the Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment.

Media Releases

Toxic Chemicals Found in Canadian Toys & Consumer Products Made of Recycled Plastics: Health and Environmental groups urge immediate action by Canada to withdraw recycling exemption for toxic flame retardants under the Stockholm Convention
Environmental groups on new flame retardant prohibitions: One step forward, still a long way to go
International Campaign Halts Bromine Industry Attempt to Influence Self-Serving Standards
Decision on Flame Retardants is a New Low in Public Policy-Making on Chemical Safety
Obscure Canadian National Committee to decide on needless toxics in our living rooms
Canada acts to strengthen ban on toxic fire retardants
Joint Statement to European legislators on BFRs and PVC
Proposed ban on toxic flame retardant in electronics will protect Canadians, environment
Groups call for ban on all PBDEs
Canada under fire for toxic fire retardants
New Products Law Will Add Needed Powers to React to Problems But Improvements Needed to Enable Prevention
“Standards” Geared to Boosting Toxic Chemical Sales Not Preventing Fires
Firefighters and enviro groups band together to ban toxic fire retardants
Groups challenge government to obey the law and ban all forms of toxic fire-retardant PBDE
Backgrounder: Alternatives to decaBDE
Look South for Leadership to Eliminate Toxic Flame Retardants
Groups demand ban on all forms of toxic fire-retardant PBDE
Health Concerns About PCBs and PBDEs
Toxic flame retardants overtaking past chemical threats in British Columbia mothers
Toxic flame retardants overtaking past chemical threats in Northwest mothers
Northwest Environment Watch Study of PBDEs and PCBs: Regional Fact Sheet
BC women contaminated with toxic flame retardants