Early Environmental Exposures and Associations with Chronic Disease

Report and related materials arising from three year collaboration between Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment and Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance

CELA was centrally involved in an innovative collaboration begun in 2008 between the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Heath and Environment (CPCHE) and the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (OCDPA) and funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The project explored the links between early (particularly prenatal and perinatal) exposures to toxic substances and later development of chronic disease. It involved mutual sharing of expertise and perspectives between our two sectors, both of which share a common commitment to precautionary efforts towards health promotion and chronic disease prevention.

The project report was prepared by CELA in collaboration with experts in medicine and public health. Applying the multiple determinants of health framework, the report places the evidence about environmental risks in the broader context of existing knowledge about the multiple risk factors for several common chronic diseases. It provides the two networks and the broader community with an evidence base from which to explore opportunities for prevention-oriented improvements in policy and practice. For more details about the project see the related collection on the CPCHE website.

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