Chemicals Management in Canada

Collection of materials related to application of Canadian Environmental Protection Act requirements to new and existing substances in commerce.

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA) is the cornerstone of Canada's regulatory system for controlling exposure to toxic substances. CEPA requires that all substances used in Canada be assessed for environmental and human health impacts. Substances are addressed as either "existing" or "new" according to lists drawn up since the 1980s. The Domestic Substances List (DSL), created between 1984 and 1986, includes 23,000 substances known to be in use in Canada. CEPA established a deadline of September, 2006 at which point the list was categorized according to criteria concerning toxicity and potential for human exposure. For "new" substances, not previously listed on the DSL, a different set of requirements prevail under CEPA.With categorization complete, the federal government launched the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) in December of 2006.

This collection includes correspondence, reports, and media releases related to CMP implemention as well as the process of DSL categorization and implementation of the New Substances Regulations under CEPA.

Media Releases

Needed: nationwide action plan for recovery of toxic mercury from light bulbs
Children’s Furniture Found with Harmful Flame Retardant Chemicals
International Campaign Halts Bromine Industry Attempt to Influence Self-Serving Standards
Decision on Flame Retardants is a New Low in Public Policy-Making on Chemical Safety
Obscure Canadian National Committee to decide on needless toxics in our living rooms
Auditor’s report highlights serious problems with enforcement of toxic chemicals regulations
Petition to the Office of the Auditor General of Canada
Protecting Health of Canadians Requires Federal Government to Apply Highest Level of Accountability and Precaution in Chemicals Evaluation
Current Policies Fail to Protect People and Ecosystem from Toxic Chemicals in the Great Lakes
Mercury in Fish a Global Health Concern: Warrants Immediate United Nations Action
Bisphenol A
Canada's BPA measures not protecting the most vulnerable
Government must take action on suspected reproductive and developmental toxins
Environmental organizations issue criticism of Federal government for refusal to phase out cancer causing substances
Groups call for ban on all PBDEs
Canada under fire for toxic fire retardants
Vinyl Shower Curtains Release Toxic Chemicals
All consumer and industrial sources of Bisphenol A insufficiently addressed in Government’s announcement
“Standards” Geared to Boosting Toxic Chemical Sales Not Preventing Fires
Federal Deadline on Toxics: Time to Ban the Worst; Regulate the Rest
Time to push federal government to get rid of dangerous chemicals
Time to push federal government to get rid of dangerous chemicals (backgrounder)

Reports and Publications

March 15, 2011

Summary Articles

Special to Globe and Mail Update, Published Wednesday, Jan. 04, 2012
CELA Annual Report, 2005 - excerpted article