Banning Cosmetic Pesticide Use

Collection of materials in support of municipal and province-wide pesticide bans

CELA strongly supports Ontario's province-wide ban on the use and sales of cosmetic pesticides. In collaboration with a broad-based coalition of health and environmental organizations, we were instrumental in urging Ontario to pass the strongest such legislation in North America to ban the use and sales of pesticides intended for unnecessary or "cosmetic" purposes. We continue to advocate for similar efforts across Canada. In a world of multiple chemical exposures, we must remove needless risks from lawn and garden pesticides, particularly to reduce risks to children. Beautiful gardens don't need toxic chemicals.

Media Releases and Summary Materials

Health and Environmental Groups Urge Manitobans to Support a Ban on Cosmetic Pesticides
Cosmetic Pesticide Bans Unaffected by DOW-Quebec Deal
CELEBRATION! Decisive Precautionary Action in Ontario with Proclamation of Law Banning Use and Sale of Cosmetic Pesticides
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7 in 10 Ontarians Urge Golf Pesticide Phase-out
Bittersweet Milestone with Passage of Ontario Pesticide Law
Health and Environment Groups Sound Alarm About Pesticide Bill
Ontario Plans to Ban Sale and Use of Cosmetic Pesticides
Top Health, Environment Leaders Urge World-Class Pesticide Ban
Health and Environmental Organizations Support Ontario-wide Ban on Cosmetic Pesticides
CELA in cheering section for Province-wide ban on non-essential pesticides


Occasional Articles - Special to the Ottawa Citizen (Reprint)
Occasional articles - 2008. Reprint of op. ed. published in The Hamilton Spectator, Mar. 26, 2008