“Perfluorochemicals” Redefine Persistence

Collection of materials responding to federal consultations concerning the regulation of perfluorinated chemicals.

Worrying information is emerging about chemicals in consumer products. Among the worst are the “perfluorochemicals” also known by various acronyms: PFCs, PFOS and PFOA. Their slippery and heat-resistant properties are used to repel water and stains and make non-stick coatings. They are commonly used in many products including home furnishings, clothing, computers, cosmetics, paints, household cleaners and more.

Recent scientific evidence confirms these chemicals join PCBs, DDT and dioxins as among the most persistent and toxic chemicals ever created. Perfluorochemicals are found virtually across the globe, in all environments tested, including in biomonitoring studies of human tissues, including breastmilk. Animal studies show they cause several cancers and are toxic to reproduction and the immune system.

Collected below are submissions CELA has made in response to federal government consultations evaluating the regulation of these chemicals.