Land Use Planning in Ontario

Collection of materials on land use planning law and policy reform

Ontario has a number of laws, regulations and policies that affect land use and development across Ontario. Under the current framework, municipal and provincial officials are empowered to make decisions that not only direct growth and settlement patterns in urban and rural settings, but that also influence infrastructure, transit, agricultural lands, water resources, air quality, wildlife habitat and other natural heritage throughout the province. This collection features CELA submissions on various land use planning matters, including the right of citizens to participate in the land use planning process and to appeal inappropriate land use decisions.

Media Releases

Back to the Future: Ontario’s Misguided Land Use Reforms
Government's Plans to Reform Decision-Making Framework for Community Planning Coming Under Increasing Attack
Replacing the Ontario Municipal Board: A Public Interest Perspective
Open Letter to Elected Officials Across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area: It's Time to Move on Gridlock
Bill 51: Big step forward for Ontario environmental planning
CELA Appointed to Source Protection Committee
Ontario Moves to Protect Water and Stop Giving it Away
CELA Applauds Planning Act Changes
Public Rights Lost Under Proposed Development Permit System

Intervenor Articles

Intervenor: Vol 23. No 2 April - June 1998
Intervenor: Vol 23. No 4 October - December 1998
Intervenor: Vol 25. No 3 & 4 July-December 2000
Intervenor: vol. 26, no. 4 September - December 2001