Environmental Assessment in Ontario

Collection of CELA materials related to Ontario's EA Act

Enacted in 1975, Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act imposes legally binding environmental assessment (EA) obligations that apply to certain public or private undertakings within the province, such as landfills, incinerators, sewers, highways, transit projects, or electrical infrastructure. CELA played a key role in the initial passage of the EA Act, and we have been involved in numerous EA processes, hearings and court cases over the years.

The purpose of the EA Act is the “betterment” of Ontarians by providing for the protection, conservation and wise management of the environment. To achieve this public interest objective, the Act has been used to establish public notice, consultation and documentation requirements, and generally requires proponents to identify, evaluate and mitigate their projects’ ecological, biophysical, socio-economic and cultural impacts.

The following documents on this page address various aspects of Ontario’s EA program after the Act was extensively amended in 1996. For pre-1996 CELA commentary on the EA Act, please search CELA’s publication list. For materials regarding CELA’s past or current involvement in project-specific EA exercises, please see the CELA in the Courts collections.

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