Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR)

Collection of materials related to Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights

After coming into force in 1994, the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) has significantly improved public participation in environmental decision-making in Ontario. EBR tools have also been used by Ontarians to safeguard the environment and to hold government officials accountable for their environmental decisions. However, the EBR has remained essentially unchanged since it was first enacted. Therefore, the Ontario government is conducting a public review of the EBR in 2016-17 to identify potential amendments to this important legislation. This website collection contains various CELA submissions on EBR reform, and includes "how to" articles and actual examples of EBR applications filed by CELA.

Media Releases

A New Registry for Environmental Notices in Ontario - The EBR Registry is now the ERO
CELA Applauds the 25th Anniversary of Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights
Ontario Axes Independent Environmental Watchdog
Environmentalists Demand that Ontario Government Withdraw its Proposed Elimination of the Province’s Independent Environmental Watchdog
Notice of Media Conference – Environmentalists Respond to Bill 57’s Proposal to Abolish Ontario’s Independent Environmental Watchdog
Guest Blog: So What If We Lose the Environmental Commissioner?
Province Proposes to Abolish Ontario’s Environmental Watchdog
CELA Condemns the Proposed Elimination of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
48 Groups Demand Ontario Action on Environmental Bill of Rights Reform
Public opinion reaches tipping point on environmental rights
Ontario’s Review of the EBR: Why it Matters to You
Ministry of the Environment Grants Environmental Group’s Legal Application to Review Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights
Environmental Group Files Legal Application to Review Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights
CELA Seeks Revocation of Ontario Regulation that Exempts Provincial Energy Plan from Environmental Assessment
CELA Denounces McGuinty Government's Decision to Exempt Provincial Energy Plan from Environment Assessment
Environmental Commissioner's Office Not to be Touched: Minister

Publications and Sample EBR Applications


Intervenor: Vol 23. No 1 January - March 1998
Intervenor: Vol 23. No 2 April - June 1998
Intervenor: Vol 25. No 3 & 4 July-December 2000