Nuclear Phase-Out

Collection of materials related to CELA's position in support of nuclear phase-out in Canada

CELA is a founding member of the Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout (CNP), a national coalition of over 200 organizations who support the phase-out of Canada's nuclear power program on environmental, health and safety, economic and ethical grounds. CELA is strongly opposed to any attempts to revive this industry as a misguided solution to the problems of climate change.

Below are collected publications, articles and media releases written by CELA and in conjunction with members of CNP.

See also: Several collections related to CELA's casework in this area.
Darlington Nuclear Generating Station Refurbishment
Darlington New Build Joint Review Panel
Pickering Nuclear Generating Station Life Extension
Proposed Deep Geologic Repository for Nuclear Waste
Shipping Radioactive Steam Generators in the Great Lakes

Media Releases

Government urged to halt push for new fleet of nuclear reactors
Eighty-seven groups call for inquiry into federal nuclear waste management; recent strong tornadoes in Ottawa-Gatineau underline their concerns
First Nations, NGOs condemn federal plans for defunct nuclear reactors
Update on Nuclear Events in Ottawa August 21/22 2018
CELA Commends New Brunswick’s Announcement of Summer 2017 review of Point Lepreau’s Nuclear Emergency Response Plan
Trudeau must strengthen federal nuclear safety law say environmentalists
Nuclear Emergency Planning Exercise at Darlington Message to Public: Trust Us
CELA Encourages Ontario Government to Act on Reported Decision to Back Away from New Nuclear Plants
CELA Commends CNSC for taking time to make its decision on Pickering
CELA Available for Comment in Response to Proposal for New Nuclear Liability Law
Shut Down Pickering Nuclear Station: Theresa McClenaghan talks to us about the importance of nuclear emergency planning and how Ontario is extremely unprepared for any such event.
Aging Pickering Reactors Too Dangerous to Operate
Environmental groups launch Federal Court challenge to Darlington refurbishment
Public Review of Nuclear Shield Law Needed, Say Environmentalists
A Threat to Toronto: The Ontario Government's Plan for the Pickering Nuclear Station
Nuclear Waste On-line - Webinar Series in February
Review of Nuclear Waste Law Required
Federal review of new reactors neglects Ontarians’ health and financial safety
Environmentalists go to court to halt new Ontario nuclear reactors
Message to the Next Ontario Government: Stop Darlington: Choose Green Energy
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Denied Intervention in Judicial Review of its Steam Generators Shipping Decision
Environmental Group Demands Rejection of New Nuclear Reactors at the Darlington Site
Canadian Environmental Law Association at Darlington Hearings
Theresa McClenaghan speaks about the Darlington Hearings
Groups Across Canada Call for an Inquiry into the Future of Nuclear Power
CELA Calls for Postponement of Darlington New Build Hearings
Environmental Groups Commence Legal Proceedings Against Proposed Shipment of Radioactive Waste Through The Great Lakes
CELA Decries Off-Shore Wind Moratorium
ACTION ALERT: Voice your concern to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) regarding Bruce Power's plan to ship radioactive steam generators across the Great Lakes
Radioactive Steam Generator Shipments Put the Great Lakes and Global Consumer Products at Risk
CELA calls for all federal parties to support amendments to improve the Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act
CELA Responds to Ontario’s Decision to Defer New Nuclear Plant Contract
CELA seeks commitment from Ontario for swift action on lowering tritium standard
The dark ages in radiation protection
There Has Never Been a Better Time Not to Buy a Reactor
The Perfect Storm in Favour of Green Power - Backgrounder to June 3/09 Media Release
Parliament Should Pass CNSC Bill, Environmental Groups Say
MPs Should Not Override Nuclear Safety Regulator
Ministry of Environment Reverses Decision - Now Accepting Public Comment on Exemption of Power Supply Plan
CELA Seeks Revocation of Ontario Regulation that Exempts Provincial Energy Plan from Environmental Assessment
CELA Denounces McGuinty Government's Decision to Exempt Provincial Energy Plan from Environment Assessment
Auditor General's Report Shows Continued Delays on Nuclear Liability Act
"Choosing a Way Forward" Has Chosen a Way Backwards
Environmentalists Warn McGuinty of Coming Nuclear Battles
Environmentalists Challenge Radioactive Waste Plan
Restart of Pickering Nuclear Unit A Big Mistake Says CELA
Energy conservation could save Ontario $14 billion: new study
Ontario Government Needs to Look Before Taking Nuclear Leap
Citizens Challenge Radioactive Waste Plans
Canadian Environmentalists Say: Nuclear Power Is No Solution To Climate Change
Legal Challenge Prompts Public Accountability; Consultation Reveals AECL Unable to Confirm Safety of Plutonium Flights
Environmentalists Attack Legality and Politics of Plutonium Airlift: Legal opinion demonstrates that January transport of plutonium by air violated principles of law. Groups call on Government of Canada to halt all imports of plutonium


Intervenor Articles

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Intervenor: Vol. 25 no. 2 April - June 2000
Intervenor: Vol 25. No 1 January - March 2000
Intervenor: Vol 25. No 3 & 4 July-December 2000