Environmental Justice and Equity

Collection of materials about CELA's work in delivering access to environmental justice

Cela is fundamentally engaged in delivering access to environmental justice in all of its work. We represent low income and vulnerable communities in environmental issues and strive to address equity issues in a wide variety of both site specific and broader policy and legislative contexts. Several of our projects focus specifically on environmental equity issues, conducting research and analysis to elicit the specific aspects of these differential impacts on communities. The media releases, presentations and reports highlighted in this collection demonstrate some of our recent findings in exposing the issues of environmental equity and justice in practice.


Media Releases

CELA reacts to Legal Aid Funding Decision
CELA Goes North! Public Legal Education Presentations in Thunder Bay and Timmins
Public opinion reaches tipping point on environmental rights
CIELAP/CELA Homecoming Celebration
The Canadian Environmental Law Association Launches French Public Information Session Across Ontario
Environmental Groups Challenge Ontario Government's Open For Business Act
Inclusionary Housing - Statement of Principles
People Living in Low Income Communities Likely to Face Greater Pollution Releases
New OEB program to protect low-income consumers from rising energy costs: Board's comprehensive, province-wide approach commended by advocates