ChemTRAC: Using Toronto's Right-to-Know Bylaw

Chronology of Toronto's Right-to-Know Campaign and Citizen Tool Kit

The Environmental and Occupational Carcinogens Working Group of the Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition has developed resources for Toronto communities to take advantage of unique access to information created by the City of Toronto Environmental Reporting and Disclosure Bylaw. The ChemTRAC data base resulting from the bylaw has begun to generate new information on 25 of the most health-threatening substances found in Toronto’s air. For the first time in Canada not only large polluters but small and medium sized facilities have to report their use of these substances.

Reporting should not be the only outcome. It will be up to citizens to seek movement beyond reporting to emission reduction and pollution prevention. Workers in and neighbours of these facilities will benefit. All Toronto residents will benefit and the city will continue its leadership in the greening of local enterprises. This bylaw took decades to secure. Experience with similar bylaws in the US show huge gains in waste reduction, toxic use reduction, liability reduction, customer and product confidence, good neighbour programs, and increased profits. Help us give this bylaw wings. CELA, a founding member of this Working Group, is pleased to share these new tools for right to know with Torontonians and to inspire others to seek similar rights.

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